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Group health insurance in New York

Benefits & Coverage

Insurance Type
Small Business Group Health Insurance
HealthNow BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York
In Network: None
Out of Network: $1000,
Plan Highlights

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Average Cost Per Enrollee
Average Cost Per Enrollee starts at $221.23/person
How Accurate is this amount?
The actual cost per month may be significantly higher or lower than the average costs shown here, based on an employee's choice of deductible and cost sharing options as well as other factors
Annual Out of Pocket Maximum
In Network: None
Out of Network: None
Annual In Network Maximum Benefit
No Maximum
Range of Copay Options
In Network: $10 - 15
Out of Network: $0
How Can I find a Doctor?
Doctor Choice
What Drugs are covered?
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Physician Directory

Physicians who accept this plan

Hart, Patricia
160 Parkside Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11226
Moise, Mireille
2412 Church Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11226
Francois, Mathieu
2905 Avenue D
Brooklyn, NY 11226
Hariri, Enayatollah
2146 Beverley Rd
Brooklyn, NY 11226
Moustafa, Bayomy
810 Rogers Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11226
Isaacs, Elaine
710 Parkside Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11226
Kanakia, Meghna
1818 Newkirk Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11226
Uduevbo, Jerry
2503 Church Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11226
Valme, Gerald
1010 Ocean Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11226
Khan, Nasrullah
29 Newkirk Plz
Brooklyn, NY 11226
Anglade, Albert
1515 Church Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11226
Charles, Joseph
440 E 19 St
Brooklyn, NY 11226
Fasolya, Mayya
2814 Clarendon Rd
Brooklyn, NY 11226
Boah, William
145 E 18th St
Brooklyn, NY 11226
Perez, Walter
2146 Beverley Rd
Brooklyn, NY 11226
Arnoff, Natalie
775 Flatbush Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11226
Petrov, Manana
353 Ocean Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11226
Sotnik, Regina
2146 Beverly Road
Brooklyn, NY 11226
Duddempudi, Nagamma
1502 Caton Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11226
Kundu, Subhendu
1401 Newkirk Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11226
Boyce, Roger
1821 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11225
Saadia, Meir
546 Eastern Pkwy
Brooklyn, NY 11225
Suntay, Berk
249 Empire Blvd
Brooklyn, NY 11225
Boginsky, Irene
15 Ocean Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11225
Lashley, Eustace
28 Maple St
Brooklyn, NY 11225
Patricia Hart, M.D.
Phone Number
(718) 282-7300
Office Locations
160 Parkside Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11226
160 Parkside Ave Brooklyn NY, 11226

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