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Group health insurance in Florida

Benefits & Coverage

Insurance Type
Small Business Group Health Insurance
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida
In Network: $250, $500, $1000, $1500, $2000, $2500, $3000, $3500, $5000, $7000, $7500, $10000
Out of Network: $750, $1000, $1500, $2500, $3000, $4000, $4500, $5000, $6000, $7000, $8000, $10000, $14000, $15000, $20000
Plan Highlights

More Details

Average Cost Per Enrollee
Average Cost Per Enrollee starts at $390.73/person
How Accurate is this amount?
The actual cost per month may be significantly higher or lower than the average costs shown here, based on an employee's choice of deductible and cost sharing options as well as other factors
Annual Out of Pocket Maximum
In Network: $2000, $2500, $3000, $3500, $4000, $4500, $5000, $5500, $5800, $6000, $7000, $7500, $9000, $10000, $11600, $15000
Out of Network: None
Annual In Network Maximum Benefit
No Maximum
Range of Copay Options
In Network: $10 - 60
Out of Network: $0
How Can I find a Doctor?
Doctor Choice
What Drugs are covered?
Does this product have a brochure with more?

Physician Directory

Physicians who accept this plan

Cohen, Sheldon
9000 Sw 137th Ave
Miami, FL 33186
Rojas, Romeo
12002 Sw 128th Ct Ste 204
Miami, FL 33186
Mafut, Damaris
9020 Sw 137th Ave Ste 200
Miami, FL 33186
Cabrera, Rene
12305 Sw 112th St
Miami, FL 33186
Bedell, Joanna
8900 Sw 117th Ave Ste 207b
Miami, FL 33186
Castroviejo, Laura
13349 Sw 122nd Ave
Miami, FL 33186
Herrera, Mauricio
11801 Sw 90th St
Miami, FL 33186
Hershman, Kenneth
13400 Sw 120th St Ste 300a
Miami, FL 33186
Karbasian, Zahra
13500 Sw 88 St
Miami, FL 33186
Fuentes, Tatiana
12060 Sw 129th Ct
Miami, FL 33186
Sanchez, Angela
14291 Sw 120th St Ste 103
Miami, FL 33186
Gallego, Marcella
12030 Sw 123rd Ter
Miami, FL 33186
Vega-paz, Eyda
13045 Sw 112th St
Miami, FL 33186
Schneider, Jessica
12608 Sw 88th St
Miami, FL 33186
Mccarthy, Liam
11801 Sw 90th St
Miami, FL 33186
Maniglia, Marielba
13632 Sw 88th St
Miami, FL 33186
Garcia-ortiz, Sandra
11435 Sw 133rd Ct Apt 3
Miami, FL 33186
Hernandez, Oscar
14221 Sw 120th St
Miami, FL 33186
Espinosa, Carmen
13550 Sw 88th Street Ste 280
Miami, FL 33186
Arrazola, Orlando
13550 Sw 88th St Ste 280a
Miami, FL 33186
Kade, Karen
12600 Sw 120th St
Miami, FL 33186
Jimenez, Milton
12002 Sw 128th Ct Ste 204
Miami, FL 33186
Muro, Thomas
13550 Sw 120th St
Miami, FL 33186
Murillo, Herbert
11916 Sw 88th St
Miami, FL 33186
Salazar, Armando
12002 Sw 128th Ct
Miami, FL 33186
Sheldon Cohen, M.D.
Phone Number
(305) 380-6773
Office Locations
9000 Sw 137th Ave
Miami, FL 33186
9000 Sw 137th Ave Miami FL, 33186

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