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Preventive Care


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Preventive Care

What is Preventive Care?

Services provided by healthcare professionals to help improve your health or assist you in avoiding illness are known as preventive care. Services classified as preventive care include:

  • Cholesterol & Blood Pressure Screenings
  • Testing/Screening for Sexually Transmitted Diseases for individuals at higher risk
  • Immunization/Vaccines (including flu shots, hepatitis A & B, measles and mumps)

The Impact of Affordable Care Act on Preventive Care

The Affordable Care Act, reformed the health insurance marketplace by requiring all new health plans to cover certain categories of benefits (known as essential health benefits), which includes preventive care.

Health plans typically impose cost sharing obligations (e.g. coinsurance or copayments) on consumers for most essential benefits. However, preventative health services must be made available at no charge (even if you have not met your plan’s annual deductible).

The Affordable Care Act also expanded preventive care coverage to specific interest groups in order to meet that group’s specific medical needs.


  • Mammograms
  • Osteoporosis screening (for women over age 60)
  • Birth Control


  • Autism Screenings (for children ages 18-24 months)
  • Hearing (for newborns) & Vision screenings (all children)
  • Oral Health Assessments

Seniors & Other Medicare Beneficiaries

  • Prostate Cancer Screenings
  • Cervical cancer screenings, including Pap smear tests and pelvic exams
  • “Welcome to Medicare” introductory visit (within the first 12 months when you have Medicare Part B)

What this Means for You?

The Affordable Care Act reduced the expenses on preventive care services that consumers would typically have paid out of pocket. If you’re not already enrolled in a health insurance plan, we can help you by showing you all your choices for new ACA plans. Our website allows you to provide information that will help personalize the cost for each plan. When you’ve selected the right health insurance plan, we will give you information so you can contact any carrier so you can fully understand the coverage and to make your purchase.



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