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Zip Code11226
Applicant10/16/1983 Male
Coverage Start10/18/2018
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Benefits & Coverage

Insurance TypeMedicare Advantage Plan (Part C)
Insurance ProviderMVP
Plan IDH5613-2-0
Plan Year2018
CMS RatingNot Rated
Plan TypeMSA
Annual Deductible$0.00

What To Know About This Plan
  • This is a health coverage only plan with no drug coverage
  • This plan is available for 2019. see plan

Why We Like This Plan
  • has no additional premium costs outside of your Medicare Part B premium
  • gives you freedom to choose which doctors, specialist and hospitals you visit

Costs and Other Important Information

Plan Year2018
Prescription Drugs Covered?Yes
Health Plan Deductible$0
Monthly Drug Plan Premium$0
Monthly Health Plan Premium$0

Coverage Area for SmartFund (MSA)

StateNew York

Staying healthy - screenings, tests and vaccines

Breast cancer screeningNot Rated
Colorectal cancer screeningNot Rated
Annual flu vaccineNot Rated
Improving or maintaining physical healthNot Rated
Improving or maintaining mental healthNot Rated
Monitoring physical abilityNot Rated
Adult BMI assessmentNot Rated

Managing Chronic Conditions

Special needs plan care managementNot Rated
Care for older adults – medication reviewNot Rated
Care for older adults – functional status assessmentNot Rated
Care for older adults – Pain screeningNot Rated
Osteoporosis management in women who had a fractureNot Rated
Diabetes care – eye examNot Rated
Diabetes care – kidney disease monitoringNot Rated
Diabetes care – blood sugar controlledNot Rated
Controlling blood pressure
Rheumatoid arthritis managementNot Rated
Reducing the risk of fallingNot Rated
Plan all-cause readmissionsNot Rated

Member Experience with Health Plan

Getting needed care
Getting appointments and care quicklyNot Rated
Customer serviceNot Rated
Overall rating of health care qualityNot Rated
Overall rating of planNot Rated
Care CoordinationNot Rated

Member Complaints, and Changes in Health Plan's Performance

Complaints about the health planNot Rated
Members choosing to leave the health planNot Rated
Beneficiary access and performance problemsNot Rated
Health plan quality improvementNot Rated

Health Plan Customer Service

Plan makes timely decision about appeals
Reviewing appeals decisionsNot Rated
Call center – foreign language interpreter and TTY/TDD availability - MedicalNot Rated

Drug Plan Customer Service

Call center – foreign language interpreter and TTY/TDD availability - DrugsNot Rated
Appeals auto-forwardNot Rated
Appeals upheldNot Rated

Member Complaints, and Changes in Drug Plan's Performance

Complaints about the drug planNot Rated
Members choosing to leave the drug planNot Rated
Beneficiary access and performance problemsNot Rated
Drug plan quality improvementNot Rated

Member Experience with Drug Plan

Rating of drug planNot Rated
Getting needed prescription drugsNot Rated

Drug Pricing and Patient Safety

MPF Price AccuracyNot Rated
High risk medicationNot Rated
Part D medication adherence for diabetesNot Rated
Part D medication adherence for hypertensionNot Rated
Part D medication adherence for cholesterolNot Rated
Medication Therapy Management program completion rate Not Rated

Physicians that accept SmartFund (MSA) for New York

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Muniz, Eric
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Lefevre, Lionel
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Tetrokalashvili, David
View All Details
Osei-tutu, Prudence
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Sultana, Sharmeen
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Conde, Marie
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Jean-gilles, Max
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Uduevbo, Jerry
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Liverpool, Steven
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Arnoff, Natalie
View All Details
Fasolya, Mayya
View All Details
Ignacio, Erlinda
View All Details
Winiarsky, Raz
View All Details
Khan, Nasrullah
View All Details
Anglade, Albert
View All Details
Sotnik, Regina
View All Details
Tellus, Francois
View All Details
Kerolle, Harold
View All Details
Ansay, Virgilio
View All Details
Boah, Akua
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Perez, Walter
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Alvarez, Elsie
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Boah, William
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Maylor, Daphney
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Pervez, Rahila
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Eric Muniz, MS, PT
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  • Phone Number
    (718) 282-7800
  • Office Locations
    710 Parkside Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11226
710 Parkside Ave Brooklyn NY, 11226

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