Who Needs Robocalling?
Health Insurance Insights | 07-16-19

Who Needs Robocalling?

Illegal robocalls

Technology is changing the lead environment. Illegal robocalls are a consistent nuisance that impact all areas of commerce, including insurance. Who among us has not received several unsolicited sales calls to answer it and only find a robot at the other end? These illegal sales calls are known as ‘robocalls,’ and they become even more frustrating when the phone number is altered to appear as though it’s coming from a local source — this is known as ‘spoofing’.

(Related: What a Health Insurance Executive Re-Learned From an Agency Visit) Nothing makes a potential consumer more frustrated than receiving an illegal robocall — so much so that the overwhelming amount of complaints is driving the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) to help cell phone carriers block illegal robocalls and spoofing. Clearly, illegal robocalls are going to come to an end.

The good news is that there are many ways to generate high quality leads without using illegal robocalls! Let’s dive into four ways you can generate leads for your business without using robocalls.

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