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What Is Dental Insurance?

Health insurance is great for helping you take care of your health, but health plans do not cover everything. Both dental and vision care are generally not included in your health plan benefits. That is where dental insurance becomes viablejumps in. Depending on your dental insurance plan, the policy will cover preventative care, and pay a portion of minor and major dental procedures. These insurance policies can be very affordable allowing you to protect your dental health without breaking the bank.

Why Buy Dental Coverage?

If you weren’t already aware, the cost of dental care, even minor dental procedures, can be expensive, with some procedures running more than $1,000. Dental insurance allows you to mitigate your costs, while still keeping your smile healthymouth clean. Whether you need an annual checkup or a crown, dental insurance provides coverage for on preventative and diagnostic dental care.

Is Dental Insurance Right for You?

Although dental insurance provides coverage on standard procedures, there may be an annual benefit limit and/or a waiting period before your plan will pay for dental expenses.

While most people could benefit from having a good dental insurance policy, everyone’s financial and dental health circumstances are different.

The average monthly premium for dental insurance can run from $20-40 per person. For most plans, this monthly premium covers biannual checkups as well as x-rays and other preventative care related to dental health. Without insurance, checkups costs can be between $75 - $200 each with the annual x-ray adding another $100. If you have decent oral health, than you may be thinking that dental insurance isn’t actually saving you any money, and if you find a dentist with low-rates, you might be right. HoweverBut, if you get a cavity or a crown, you could be stuck with several thousands in dental bills.

While searching for a dental insurance plan, you’ll want to start by considering the costs associated with a dental plan versus your typical annual dental care costs. Break down what your dentist charges for twice-a-year cleanings, x-rays, fillings, and other routine care. Then, compare these costs with the premiums you’re quoted for dental coverage under different plans. Keep in mind that you may be able to deduct your insurance expenses come tax time (consult your tax preparer for more information).

Dental Insurance for Medicare Enrollees

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