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Residents of Powellton, West Virginia have the option of enrolling in any one of 31 affordable Individual health plans available to them. There are 2 insurance carriers that offer inexpensive Individual health plans in Powellton. Of these, the companies that offer the largest variety of plans to choose from are Highmark and CareSource. Powellton consumers can choose from the following plans: 5 Bronze plans, 16 Silver plans, 4 Gold plans and 2 Plantium plans

For those who would like to visit doctors outside of their networks, choose one of the 8 Individual plans that participate in Preferred Provider Organization(PPO). If you don't mind using a Primary Care Physician (PCP), get one of the 15 Health Maintenance Organization(HMO) plans at a lower cost. The least expensive Individual health plan that participates in Health Maintenance Organization(HMO) is the CareSource Federal Simple Choice Bronze plan from CareSource. The monthly cost of this plan is $490.57.

Premium tax credit can lower the cost of Health plans for eligible individuls and families which is helpful to those on a fixed income. Highmark has the largest selection of Individual plans for residents of Powellton, West Virginia. They offer 15 plans with Health Maintenance Organization(HMO) network and 8 Preferred Provider Organization(PPO) network plans.

Carl L Kennedy, DDS
410 4th Ave
Montgomery, WV 25136
Traci Boyd Acklin, M.D.
Pediatrics + 1 other
401 6th Ave
Montgomery, WV 25136
Adin Lim Timbayan, MD
General Practice + 1 other
411 Washington St
Montgomery, WV 25136
Montgomery Medcorp, Inc.
Pediatrics + 1 other
401 6th Ave
Montgomery, WV 25136
Charles H.m. Jacques, M.D.
Family Medicine + 1 other
5722 Cabin Creek Rd
Dawes, WV 25054
Hortencia Fernandez, M.D.
Family Medicine + 1 other
408 Alexander St
Cedar Grove, WV 25039
Fayette Clinic, Pllc
Nurse Practitioner + 2 others
1 Physicians Plaza
Lochgelly, WV 25866
Donald Clifford Newell, D.O.
Family Medicine + 1 other
General Delivery
Lochgelly, WV 25866
Whitney A. Boggs, M.D.
Family Medicine + 2 others
57 Sutphin Lane
Scarbro, WV 25917
Matthew P Arvon, D.O.
Family Medicine
189 Home School Village
Colcord, WV 25048
Angela Lynn Basham-callaway, D.O.
Family Medicine + 1 other
502 Main St W
Oak Hill, WV 25901
William Charles Reilley, PT
Physical Therapist
436 Central Ave
Oak Hill, WV 25901
Donnie Elmer Newberry, PT
Physical Therapist
422 23rd St
Oak Hill, WV 25901
Jesse L. Loot, M.D.
430 Main St W
Oak Hill, WV 25901
Jafar Z. Salmassi, M.D.
Emergency Medicine
430 Main St
Oak Hill, WV 25901
Oak Hill Clinic Corp
Family Medicine + 1 other
320 Jones Ave
Oak Hill, WV 25901
Lisa E Harris, P.T.
Physical Therapist + 1 other
233 N Court St
Fayetteville, WV 25840
Martin M Mrozek Dpm Proffessional
27 Parsons Lane
Fayetteville, WV 25840
Martin M Mrozek, DPM
Podiatrist + 1 other
27 Parsons Lane
Fayetteville, WV 25840
Yancy S Short, MD
211 W Maple Ave Ste A
Fayetteville, WV 25840
Family Medical Kare
Family Medicine
439 Elizabeth Hwy
Fayetteville, WV 25840
Tiffany Renea Akers, COTA/L
Occupational Therapy Assistant
125 Saddle Shop Road
Hilltop, WV 25855
Robert L Campbell, DDS
Dentist + 1 other
424 Midland Ave
Belle, WV 25015
Mohammad Amjad, MD
Internal Medicine
105 Northern Way
Mount Hope, WV 25880
Nilima Ravin Bhirud, M. D.
Internal Medicine + 1 other
8618 Maccorkle Ave
Marmet, WV 25315

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