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West Valley, Utah residents can enroll in any one of the 36 affordable Individual health plans offered. Of the 2 insurance companies that offer Individual health plans in West Valley, SelectHealth and University of Utah Health Insurance Plans have the highest number of plans to choose from. The following Metal Level plans are available in West Valley: 10 Bronze plans, 12 Silver plans, 4 Gold plans and 2 Plantium plans.

If you don't mind using a Primary Care Physician (PCP), get one of the 24 Health Maintenance Organization(HMO) plans at a lower cost. The lowest deductible Individual health plan is the Select Value Gold 1500 - no deductible for office visits plan from SelectHealth, at a $553.97 monthly cost to you.

Living on a fixed income will not be a problem as premium tax credit can lower your cost if you and your families are qualify. SelectHealth has the largest selection of Individual plans for residents of West Valley, Utah. They offer 24 plans with Health Maintenance Organization(HMO) network and 0 Preferred Provider Organization(PPO) network plans.

If you select SelectHealth as your Individual provider, you’ll have access to 1 participating doctor in West Valley.. Need to see a specialist? There are many specialists in West Valley that accept Individual health plans, including 3 dentists, 1 doctor in the pediatrics specialty, and 1 physician that specializes in oral & maxillofacial surgery who accepts Individual health plans.

Frederic M Civish
Family Medicine
3534 S 6000 W
West Valley, UT 84128
Eric Harris, DMD, MSD
2792 S 5600 W Ste 100
West Valley, UT 84120
After Hours Medical- West Valley Clinic
Emergency Medicine + 1 other
3451 S 5600 W
West Valley, UT 84120
Craig A Brasher, M.D.
3725 W 4100 S
West Valley, UT 84120
Jeffrey Avaron Osguthorpe, DDS, MD
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery + 1 other
4645 S 4000 W Ste B
West Valley, UT 84120
Sara A. Skolnick, MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology
3336 S. Pioneew Parkway
West Valley, UT 84120
Kim Colleen Maki-world
3540 S 4000 W
West Valley, UT 84120
Robert John Matejka, DO
3460 Pioneer Pkwy
West Valley, UT 84120
Robert E Smith, M.D
3725 W 4100 S
West Valley, UT 84120

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