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Columbus, OH

Residents of Columbus, Ohio have the option of enrolling in any one of 29 affordable Individual health plans available to them. Of the 3 insurance companies that offer Individual health plans in Columbus, Medical Mutual, CareSource, and Molina Healthcare have the highest number of plans to choose from. Columbus offers 6 Bronze plans, 16 Silver plans, 4 Gold plans and 1 for consumers to choose.

If you don't mind using a Primary Care Physician (PCP), get one of the 29 Health Maintenance Organization(HMO) plans at a lower cost. The least expensive Individual health plan that participates in Health Maintenance Organization(HMO) is the Market HMO Young Adult Essentials - OhioHealth plan from Medical Mutual. The monthly cost of this plan is $238.83.

Health plans are available at lower cost to you if you are eligible for premium tax credit. Medical Mutual has 29 plans that participates in Health Maintenance Organization(HMO) network and 0 Preferred Provider Organization(PPO) network plans, making them the carrier with the most plans available in Columbus, Ohio.

If you select Medical Mutual as your Individual provider, you’ll have access to 486 participating doctors in Columbus. Molina Healthcare has 350 doctors in their network and CareSource follows with a network of 194 practitioners. Looking for a specialist? Pick from of the 237 doctors specializing in internal medicine, the 84 radiology specialists, or even the 70 family medicine specialists who accept Individual health plans in Columbus.

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Columbus Obamacare Providers

Obamacare Doctors in Columbus, OH

Nicholas P Raptou, D.D.S.Dentist136 Northwoods Blvd. , Columbus, OH 43235
Mindy Ann Price, D.D.SDentist117 Lazelle Rd Ste D , Columbus, OH 43235
Patricia Ann Kauffman, OT/LOccupational Therapist7870 Olentangy River Rd , Columbus, OH 43235
Jeremiah Nelson, M.D.Internal Medicine, Pediatrics55 Dillmont Dr Ste 100 , Columbus, OH 43235
Sidney David Price, D.D.S.Dentist117 Lazelle Rd , Columbus, OH 43235
Amy S Glasgow, D.D.S.Dentist6481 Nicholas Dr , Columbus, OH 43235
Arthur E Varner, M.D.Allergy & Immunology, Internal Medicine355 E Campus View Blvd , Columbus, OH 43235
James Eldridge Blaine, DPMPodiatrist355 E Campus View Blvd , Columbus, OH 43235
Farzad Firouzian, DDS FAGDDentist1 E Campus View Blvd , Columbus, OH 43235
Michael Joseph Harrigal, M.D.Internal Medicine7630 Rivers Edge Dr , Columbus, OH 43235
Man Kien Phung, M.D.Internal Medicine7630 Rivers Edge Dr , Columbus, OH 43235
Julianne U Moledor, M.D.Family Medicine1930 Crown Park Ct , Columbus, OH 43235
Jean MckeeFamily Medicine7400 Huntington Park Dr , Columbus, OH 43235
Local Public Health Services Collaborative LlcRegistered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse110 Northwoods Blvd Ste A , Columbus, OH 43235
Alan J Block, D.P.M.Podiatrist117 Lazelle Rd , Columbus, OH 43235
Vpa PcRadiology, Portable X-ray and/or Other Portable Diagnostic Imaging Supplier355 East Campus View Blvd , Columbus, OH 43235
Andrew D Quillin, MDDermatology170 Northwoods Blvd , Columbus, OH 43235
Peter R Bachwich, M.D.Internal Medicine7630 Rivers Edge Dr , Columbus, OH 43235
Kevin C Frey, MDInternal Medicine7630 Rivers Edge Dr , Columbus, OH 43235
Echo Hearing, AUDAudiologist-Hearing Aid Fitter200 E Campus View Blvd , Columbus, OH 43235
Alvin D. Pelt, M.D.Psychiatry & Neurology134 Northwoods Blvd , Columbus, OH 43235
Thomas Dorsey, DOFamily Medicine1941 Marblecliff Crossing Ct , Columbus, OH 43204
Morton I Goldstein, MDRadiology2142 Maple Bnd , Columbus, OH 43229
James E Nicholls, D.D.SDentist1730 Schrock Rd , Columbus, OH 43229
Bryan GhiloniFamily Medicine1495 Morse Rd , Columbus, OH 43229
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