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Comprehensive insurance options are available in Altheimer. There is a total of 40 affordable Individual health plans in Altheimer for you to choose from. You can choose from 3 Individual insurance carriers operating in Altheimer. The companies that offer the widest variety of plans are QualChoice, Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Celtic. The following Metal Level plans are available in Altheimer: 7 Bronze plans, 23 Silver plans, 7 Gold plans and 2 Plantium plans.

If you want to see a doctor outside of your network, you can select from the 21 Individual plans that participate in Preferred Provider Organization(PPO). You can enroll in one of the 8 Health Maintenance Organization(HMO) plan if you want if lower costs are most important and you don't mind using a Primary Care Physician (PCP). The most affordable Individual health plan that participates in Preferred Provider Organization(PPO) is the Bronze Plan HSA 1 plan from Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield, at $287.57 per month.

Living on a fixed income will not be a problem as premium tax credit can lower your cost if you and your families are qualify. QualChoice has the largest selection of Individual plans for residents of Altheimer, Arkansas. They offer 8 plans with Health Maintenance Organization(HMO) network and 21 Preferred Provider Organization(PPO) network plans.

If you select Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield as your Individual provider, you’ll have access to 1 participating doctor in Altheimer.. Need to see a specialist? There are many specialists in Altheimer that accept Individual health plans, including 1 family medicine specialist.