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Choose your personal and affordable insurance plan from 8 Individual health plans available in Tonopah, Arizona. There are 2 insurance carriers that offer inexpensive Individual health plans in Tonopah. Of these, the companies that offer the largest variety of plans to choose from are Health Net and Cigna.

If you don't mind using a Primary Care Physician (PCP), get one of the 8 Health Maintenance Organization(HMO) plans at a lower cost. The lowest deductible Individual health plan is the Ambetter Secure Care 4 (2018) plan from Health Net, at a $613.66 monthly cost to you.

Living on a fixed income will not be a problem as premium tax credit can lower your cost if you and your families are qualify. The carrier with the largest selection of Individual plans in Tonopah, Arizona is Health Net, which offers 8 plans with Health Maintenance Organization(HMO) network and 0 Preferred Provider Organization(PPO) network plans.

Looking for a specialist? Pick from of the 1 doctor specializing in preventive medicine who accept Individual health plans in Tonopah.

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