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Health Insurance in Arizona

According to the US Census Bureau, about 15.7% of the US population did not have some form of health insurance coverage in 2011.In Arizona, about 10.6%1 of the population were uninsured. People don’t have health insurance coverage often times dueto the cost. However, there are options in finding an affordable Arizona health insurance plan.



Finding Affordable Arizona Health Insurance

In Arizona, those individuals with some form of health insurance coverage received their health care from the following sources:

Public Plans

  • Arizona Medicare: 19.2%
  • Arizona Medicaid: 22.4%
  • Military Healthcare: 3%

Private Plans

  • Arizona Coverage from Employer: 50.4%
  • Direct Purchase of a Arizona individual health insurance plan: 12.8%

If you're uninsured and do not qualify for a public plan, you can find an affordable Arizona health plan through a direct purchase from a private insurer.

How HealthPocket Can Help

With many Arizona health plans available, it can be difficult to find the right health plan that meets both your budget and medical needs.At Healthpocket, we provide you the tools to compare Arizona health plans and estimate your annual out of pocket costs.

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