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Background on Our Data

HealthPocket.com uses vast amounts of government, non-profit and private data.

Officials in the Federal Government believe that the release of health data will spark private sector creativity in a manner similar to the helpful industries created around the release of weather and GPS data.1 Health data is massive, and it comes in all sorts of levels of quality and readability. HealthPocket has the expertise to work with mountains of newly released data as well as data that we find through private sources. HealthPocket’s focus is on the data that allows it to provide unbiased information and guidance that will help our users select high quality health plans.

The HealthPocket management team believes that creative and public-spirited use of the health data that is newly available can transform the healthcare market. Insurance carriers and large health providers will no longer control information. Cost and quality will be considered in tandem. Consumers will have tools with which they can make informed decisions without committing their life’s work to studying health plan selection.


1See, for example, interview with Todd Park, White House Chief Technology Officer.

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