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Until now, the tools available to help consumers make informed decisions about health insurance weren’t good enough and the information they presented was often limited and biased. We knew we could do better so we created

The Situation

The big question for health insurance shoppers is whether they’ll make good choices. The reality is that today, too many Americans overpay for their health insurance and still don’t get the plan that’s best for them. Learn more about this Problem.

To fill the void of comprehensive unbiased information and help consumers make informed healthcare decisions, leverages enormous amounts of government, non-profit, and private data and presents it in a simple way so consumers can use it easily. Our website meets two fundamental needs experienced by consumers when shopping for health insurance:

  • Avoid overpaying for quality health insurance
  • Save on out-of-pocket costs for healthcare

Learn more about Our Data.

Why We’re Different

Current commercial online insurance tools typically have at least one fatal flaw – they steer you toward health plans that pay more to the owner of the website. Stated another way, financial considerations render other commercial websites incomplete, biased, or both. Additionally, most services also require consumers to divulge private information like email addresses or phone numbers before they can compare insurance plans. In many cases, this information is sold to multiple insurance agents and call centers resulting in a frustrating customer experience.

Government websites, while not necessarily biased, do not have a comprehensive list of all forms of health coverage in one place. It can be difficult for consumers to figure out where to look to find the information they need. Some of the sites display a lot of details but novices can have a difficult time figuring out what’s most meaningful to their plan selection decision. Too much information that isn’t filtered creates the risk that consumer choices will not be as good as they should be.

HealthPocket is a unique service because we follow these principles:

We show all the options - We favor data sources that present every available product option. This is different from health insurer and broker websites that show consumers only the plans they sell. Healthcare is changing. New plans and new rules are coming. Our approach helps you stay ahead of the curve and know all your options.

Our ratings are based on independent quality data - We are not an insurance company, a drug company, or an agent of those companies. We only work with industry data that is reliable and that does not come with ‘strings attached’ that restrict us from providing an objective measure of quality or making an unbiased recommendation. Typically this means we reject data created by insurance companies or drug manufacturers, as their goal is often to restrict the consumer to one of their own products.

We simplify decisions - We simplify consumers’ decisions and provide clear and unbiased information and recommendations. People shouldn’t need a Ph.D. in economics to have peace of mind that they are making good insurance choices for themselves and their families.

You control your personal information - You don’t need to provide personally identifiable information in order to shop for health insurance. We will always ask for as little information as possible – typically a zip code – to provide useful healthcare price and quality information. If you want the healthcare costs more personalized, you can choose whether to enter information about medications or health conditions but that information remains anonymous.

We don’t charge you for using our site - Similar to Amazon, Kayak, or Yelp, is a free website for all consumers. Yet unlike Amazon, we don’t sell products. You can use HealthPocket to compare insurance products and then connect with a partner through the web site that can answer questions on the insurance category being shopped or help enroll the consumer in an insurance product for which the partner is authorized to sell. HealthPocket is not an insurance salesman.

More About Us

HealthPocket is a commercial company. We built HealthPocket to be on the side of the consumer and create a successful business at the same time. Our commitment is to separate all the information and guidance we present to our users from our sources of revenue.

Our team is made up of healthcare technology and industry-wise experts who have held executive positions in for-profit and nonprofit companies. Our expertise, coupled with the release of data never before available, allows us to help people get quality healthcare and minimize their out-of-pocket costs. Through, we offer something different that has the power to change how we buy and use healthcare in the U.S. for the better. Learn more about our Leadership Team.

Free Research for the Press

HealthPocket’s research helps inform consumers about health insurance so that they can make the best plan decisions. This research has been featured in the Associated Press, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, and many other news sources. For a list of our press coverage, see our HealthPocket In the Press page.

HealthPocket’s analysis of proposed rate filings found increases of 12% for Obamacare plan premiums in 2016 (CNBC). For 2015 plans, HealthPocket found that the average coinsurance fee for inpatient hospital services was 27% for bronze plans (Wall Street Journal). Moreover, HealthPocket found that the average deductible for an individual 2015 bronze plan was $5,181 (The Huffington Post). CNBC and the Wall Street Journal also cited this research. In 2015, HealthPocket also found that only one third of healthcare providers are accepting Medicaid patients (The Huffington Post). For Medicare beneficiaries, HealthPocket has noted a decrease in the number of zero-premium Medicare Advantage plans (CNBC).

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