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HealthPocket Terms of Use

We want HealthPocket to be the most useful, trusted place for consumers to make smarter health insurance decisions and save the most money on their out-of-pocket healthcare costs.

We gather information from a variety of data sources including the government, nonprofits, and leading commercial resources, and we use all that data to help you make smarter decisions about healthcare spending.

When you use the HealthPocket website, you must accept the following:

  • HealthPocket is an independent customer advocacy website and will not act as an agent, broker, or other representative of a health plan
  • You won’t resell our content, services, or copy any of them for commercial purposes without the written approval of HealthPocket
  • HealthPocket is provided “AS IS” and you assume any and all liability for using the website and its services
  • HealthPocket does not provide medical advice and is not a substitute for a healthcare professional
  • We always do our best to match your email or phone inquiries to brokers and insurance companies that service your region. You understand and agree that HealthPocket cannot guarantee that these brokers and insurance companies will offer the particular product that interests you.

If we connect you with a partner through our web site or a phone number displayed on our web site, you accept that:

  • HealthPocket makes money when we allow a partner, typically an insurance company or licensed broker, to help you with an insurance inquiry. We ourselves do not sell insurance
  • Our privacy policy governs anything you do on our web site and the partner’s privacy policy governs anything you do (e.g. discuss insurance) with a partner
  • If you we display the telephone number of a partner, transfer your phone call to a partner, or link to partner’s website, contact with that company is done at your own risk. You, not HealthPocket, are responsible for any personal information you provide to another company and we recommend as a general practice that you read a company’s privacy policy prior to sharing personal information
  • Contact information (first name, phone number) entered into HealthPocket’s web site to request assistance with insurance may be shared with one or more partnered companies that shall respond to your request

Your use of HealthPocket and its services will be governed by the laws of the State of California, United States.

If we need to make any changes to these guidelines, we will update this page so you can review them and understand the terms you must agree to in order to use HealthPocket and its services.

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Please review our Privacy Policy as well.

Last Modified: Novemeber 5, 2014
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