Find Small Business and Group Health Insurance Plans in Your Area

Finding Affordable Health Insurance

Why Provide Health Insurance to Your Employees ?

Providing health insurance is an excellent benefit for employees, who might otherwise buy their own health insurance or work for a competitor who offers coverage.

Health Insurance premiums obtained by small business tend to be superior to those obtained by individual employees on their own. Learn More>>

Tax Credits for Employers

The Affordable Care Act will provides tax credits to small businesses who provide healthcare coverage to their employees.

Learn more about the tax benefits of providing health insurance to your employees.

Obamacare & the Self-Employed

Stop-Loss insurance for Self-Insured Business

Employer Mandate for Health Insurance

Self-Insurance Your Small Business?

An unfamiliar term is arising in the small business health insurance market. Industry analysts are asking whether small businesses will “self-insure” rather than offer their employees a qualified health plan under the Affordable Care Act. Small businesses, in response, are asking what it means to self-insure.