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HealthPocket Privacy Policy

We want HealthPocket to be the most useful, trusted place for consumers to make smarter health insurance decisions and save the most money on their out-of-pocket healthcare costs.

Our privacy policy is one of the reasons we are unique from other companies. You will never need to trade your personally identifiable information in order to compare health insurance plans on our website. You can always compare plans anonymously on HealthPocket.

Information you enter into our website to produce premium quotes or adjust plan rankings based on your health considerations is used for that purpose and is not identifiable to you personally. The process remains anonymous.

If You Choose to Provide Us with Your Contact Information

HealthPocket always respects your privacy and there are only three ways by which you can provide us with your contact information:

  • Email Us - If you ask us a question, you have the option of providing an email address so that we can notify you when the answer to that question is posted. In this case, your email address is not used for another purpose
  • Call Us – HealthPocket does not collect any personal information communicated during a call to a phone number listed on our web site. We may document your phone number and call duration as part of the partner quality assurance and marketing analyses we perform but we do not record the calls between you and the partner who answers your phone call
  • Provide Us Your Name & Phone Number to Get Help with Insurance - If you provide us with your name and phone number to receive help with health insurance, we will only provide that information to one or more partners that will respond to your inquiry

We will prominently post any changes to our Privacy Policy prior to implementing them.

We want your feedback. Please email us at

Please review our Terms of Use as well.

Last Modified: November 5, 2014
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