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Medicare Research

With many Medicare Plan Options available, it can be difficult to find the right health plan for your medical needs. HealthPocket provides unbiased consumer-oriented research to empower people to make their wisest decisions regarding Medicare coverage. Additionally, we provide a Medicare premium comparison tool at the top of this page so you can review the cost differences among different Medicare options:

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Vision, Dental, and Hearing Benefits in Medicare Advantage Plans

HealthPocket’s new Infostat examined the prevalence of additional vision, dental, and hearing benefits in Medicare Advantage (MA) plans. We found that 97% of MA plans offered at least one vision, dental, or hearing benefit in both 2013 and 2014. The percentage of plans that offered all three benefits decreased from 47% in 2013 to 42% […]
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Medicare Advantage and Our Health Reform War

Medicare Advantage has re-emerged as a battleground in America’s ongoing political conflict over health reform. Republicans condemn the Affordable Care Act’s proposed reductions in Medicare Advantage funding while Democrats often portray Medicare Advantage as a program whose wasteful overspending must be constrained. Some in the media have advanced nearer the frontline of this battle than many […]
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Medicare Questions & Answers

Most recent Medicare questions and answers from the HealthPocket community

Am I covered out of network while traveling?
on 8/1/2015

what are the cost
on 7/31/2015

I presently have TexanPlus-classic-hmo. I would like to upgrade to the "choice" level. What is the procedure and does it matter when it is done?
on 7/30/2015

I recently moved from the Bay area where I have a Kaiser plan. I heard that I could not continue on my plan here because Kaiser does not cover Chowchilla residents. Is this so? someone I know was denied to enter the plan for being out of area I see listings of Kaiser affiliated drs in Chowchilla. what is the real answer to this question? thanks for your answers
on 7/30/2015

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