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Making Sense of the Obamacare Enrollment Numbers

The White House is expected to release enrollment numbers for the exchanges later this week and the media is brimming with predictions and commentary. The true significance of these enrollment numbers will likely be obscured by the criticism and cheerleading meeting the announcement from those with vested ideological interests. In order to avoid being swept […]
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Obstacles & Opportunities for Telemedicine

Telemedicine, the remote diagnosis and treatment of health issues, is not as easy a project as industry pundits and entrepreneurs might hope. While online communication options such as video, telephony, and email are accessible by millions, technology remains only a portion of the telemedicine equation and, tragically, not the most important part. The regulatory and […]
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Medicaid Questions & Answers

Most recent Medicaid questions and answers from the HealthPocket community

I did blood test recently for my oncologist. Then I saw my family doctor and because my blood test was not very good she prescribe me another one. When I came to do the test I was given some notice that medicare will not pay some items. I would like to know if my test will be paid by medicaid. Please let me know.
on 7/1/2014

I have no income I have had triple by-pass surgery which was then considered a pre-existing condition I continue to have cardiac events leading to hospitalizations I have to pay out-of pocket RX and outpatient medical services to local not-for-profit clinics
on 6/10/2014

my grandma has been a permanent resident of the United States for about 10 years . She lives with my uncle, who is now retired and my aunt who is disabled. Can she qualify for Medicaid? My grandma has never worked in the united states
on 5/28/2014

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