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Interpretations of our latest study

Our recent report comparing off-exchange premiums vs. on-exchange premiums continues to receive attention. The report examined the lowest premiums for four major off-exchange insurance companies in 39 states versus the lowest premiums found on-exchange for plans of the same metal tier. HealthPocket found that exchanges had cheaper metal plans available than the off-exchange companies in 35 […]
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Medicare Advantage and Our Health Reform War

Medicare Advantage has re-emerged as a battleground in America’s ongoing political conflict over health reform. Republicans condemn the Affordable Care Act’s proposed reductions in Medicare Advantage funding while Democrats often portray Medicare Advantage as a program whose wasteful overspending must be constrained. Some in the media have advanced nearer the frontline of this battle than many […]
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Obamacare Questions & Answers

Most recent Obamacare questions and answers from the HealthPocket community

Does this plan cover maternity coverage
on 3/25/2015

do my prescription drug costs count towards plans max out of pocket
on 3/20/2015

Do you have to meet the deductible before it will pay for the PCP /office visit only?
on 3/19/2015

I have been seeing Dr Jason(I believe) Kovacs located at the same address listed above. At that time, I had Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. I don't know if he is accepted as being covered or not on my CareSource Just4Me Silver 3 Dental and Vision plan. Respectfully submitted, Calvin Stucker
on 3/19/2015

what does this plan cover for drug rehab? Will it cover intensive out patient treatment? Given it is an EPO would this also be the case with rehab? thanks.
on 3/19/2015

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