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Interpretations of our latest study

Our recent report comparing off-exchange premiums vs. on-exchange premiums continues to receive attention. The report examined the lowest premiums for four major off-exchange insurance companies in 39 states versus the lowest premiums found on-exchange for plans of the same metal tier. HealthPocket found that exchanges had cheaper metal plans available than the off-exchange companies in 35 […]
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Medicare Advantage and Our Health Reform War

Medicare Advantage has re-emerged as a battleground in America’s ongoing political conflict over health reform. Republicans condemn the Affordable Care Act’s proposed reductions in Medicare Advantage funding while Democrats often portray Medicare Advantage as a program whose wasteful overspending must be constrained. Some in the media have advanced nearer the frontline of this battle than many […]
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Obamacare Questions & Answers

Most recent Obamacare questions and answers from the HealthPocket community

I am traveling when I need to have an injection. What do I do?
on 2/26/2015

I am trtying to find a doctor in this plan located in darke county ohio
on 2/26/2015

I just paid my premium for platinum compass 250 in Texas and it was a total of $341.81. Why does this/your website advertise the same premium for Texas at $283.21?
on 2/26/2015

Why isn't the advantage epo silver HSA eligible? It has a high deductible
on 2/25/2015

I used the healthcare market and I signed up for platinum compass 250 but the premium is around $350+. Your ad says $283. Why the difference?
on 2/23/2015

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