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About HealthPocket

HealthPocket is a technology company that compares and ranks all health plans available on the market and provides information to consumers about Obamacare, Medicare, and other kinds of health insurance.

HealthPocket will help you:

  • Find the highest quality and lowest priced health insurance
  • Save on your out-of-pocket costs for healthcare
  • Answer your questions about health insurance

HealthPocket is unique because:

  • You pay nothing to use the site - Our service is entirely free to the consumer and our revenues are ad-based.
  • We show you all the options - HealthPocket has the largest number of health insurance plans online, with more plans than and combined. Our data is from unbiased government, nonprofit and commercial sources.
  • We simplify your decisions - Our plan finder is easy to use, we only display the plans that are available for you, and we help you filter and rank all of your options.
  • Our ratings are based on independent quality reviews - Our ratings are based on independent quality reviews – we are never influenced by insurance companies, drug companies or their agents.
  • You keep your privacy - We do not require you to provide personal information to use our site, all you have to enter is a zip code to see the plans that are available.
  • Our Personal Score - HealthPocket scores every health plan in your area by combining our analysis of a plan’s financial value together with quality ratings from unbiased government and nonprofit sources.

We value your feedback. Please email us at

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